Dan uses his unique skill set to support musicians as they recover from neurological insult such as stoke, traumatic brain injury and other injuries. Dan is able to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses and help clients rediscover their musical talents. He takes advantage of muscle memory to support return to playing. He collaborates with Mary-Ellen Thompson, Ph.D., speech-language pathologist, to teach good vocal hygiene, maximize vocal longevity, and reduce vocal fatigue. For singers who are struggling to maintain vocal quality, Mary-Ellen can provide strategies that help maximize dynamic range, improve voice quality, and maintain control of loudness.


Dan is willing to share his vast knowledge of the music industry including song writing, performance, negotiating contracts, and “making connections,” with aspiring musicians. Dan will work with performers on an individual basis to provide coaching and support as they develop their career. He is willing to provide honest appraisals and support artists as they attempt to improve their craft. Very few musicians can rise to stardom, but many can have successful careers. The challenges of a musical journey can be very rewarding, in and of itself. Sometimes, it really is about the “journey.”
Dan is also willing to provide individual lessons in bass guitar at the advanced level. If you are an aspiring session player or wish to audition for a band, Dan can provide you with some challenging exercises that will support your progression to the next level.


Charting 101: This class is a basic introduction to writing charts. It will use chords and provide you with enough knowledge to start writing your own charts. This is a hands on functional class where you will learn to write your first chart. This is particularly valuable for those of you that are guests with different house bands from time to time. This takes the guess work out of your performance provided that the band